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Methods of determination by DNA analysis

HLA Class I – HLA-A + B (C)
HLA II. classes (HLA-DRB1, HLA-DQB1)
DQ2 and DQ8
These methods do not need to be ordered!

Blood type – AB0 system
RH system
RH system – Partial D-TYPE, Weak D-TYPE, Zygozyta D
These methods must be agreed in the DNA laboratory!

Serological determinations of antibodies

Panel – reactive antibodies – PRA (%)
Terms for mass collection of samples on the main page!

Cross test (CM) individual
Flow cytometry cross test (FCXM)
Need to agree!

Determination of Class I Anti-HLA Antibody (LCT)
Anti-HLA antibodies I. class, II. classes (ELISA)
These methods do not need to be ordered!

Luminex determination, specification and quantification of anti HLA antibodies and DSA antibodies
Based on indications and requests only for the transplant program!

Collection and transport for individual DNA
and serological tests