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Methods for determination by DNA analysis

HLA of the 1st class – HLA-A+B (C)
HLA of the 2nd class ( HLA-DRB1, HLA-DQB1 )
DQ2 a DQ8
The above methods doesn’t need to be ordered!

Blood type – AB0 system
RH system
RH system – Partial D-TYPE, Weak D-TYPE, Zygozyta D
The above methods need to be agreed in the DNA laboratory!

Serological determination of antibodies

Panel – reactive antibodies – PRA (%)
Dates for mass collecting samples – Look at announcements

Cross-examination (CM) individual
Cross-examination by flow cytometry (FCXM)
Need to agree!

Determination of Anti-HLA antibody of the 1st class (LCT)
Anti-HLA antibodies of the 1st class, 2nd class (ELISA)
The above methods doesn’t need to be ordered!

Luminex determination, specification and quantification of anti-HLA antibodies and DSA antibodies
Following the indications and application form only for the transplant program!

Removals and transport for various DNA and serological examinations