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National Transplant Organisation is a state-subsidized organization established by the Ministry of Health Setting document on 1. 1. 2013 pursuant to Act No. 313/2012 Coll. amending and supplementing Act No. 576/2004 Coll. of 22 September 2004 on healthcare. The main task of NTO is national coordination of transplantation program for organs, tissues and cells and the leadership of the National Reference Laboratory for HLA antigens. NTO tasks are regulated by law. As defined in the Ministry of Health Decision No. Z54126-2012-OZZAP on the issue of NTO Trust Deed published in the Gazette of the Ministry of Health – An Amount of 1-3 / 2013, The Purview 2 (Vestník MZ SR – Vol. 2013 / Issue 1-3 / 2013).

NTO performs the following tasks:

  • leading National Transplant Registry, which includes:

    1. waiting lists for transplants of all organs,

    2. living donors registry,

    3. register of other donors

    4. register of persons who has expressed during his lifetime disagreement with organs removal, tissues and cells after death.

  • keeping records of the providers activities of exeminations and records of transplantation centers activities including aggregated numbers of living and deceased donors and the types and quantities of removed organs, tissues and cells, transplanted organs, tissues and cells, transferred and disposed organs, tissues and cells,

  • coordinating national activities related to the performance of organs transplants,

  • management of transplant information system,

  • supervising the organs exchanges with other Member States and Third Countries,

  • preparing an annual report on the activities referred to the point B) and making that available publicly,

  • keeping an updated record of organizations and an updated list of transplant centers and tissue establishments,

  • establishing a system of traceability of all removed organs, allocated and transplanted in the Slovak Republic from the donor to the recipient and vice versa,

  • introducing an identification system for donors and recipients that can identify each donation and each of the organs and recipients associated with that and measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of data,

  • carrying on work of the reference and control laboratory with nationwide coverage, examining human leukocyte antigens,

  • granting at the request written consent for export of tissues or cells outside of the Slovak Republic if:

    1. the purpose of export is the transport,

    2. recipient isn’t in the Slovak Republic; the approval essentials of tissue or cells export outside the Slovak Republic and the specimen application for approval for export of tissues or cells outside of the Slovak Republic will be established by the Ministry of Health with the generally binding regulation,

  • storing data for full traceability for at least 30 years after donation; these data may be stored in electronic form,

  • coordinating with the reports notification system of unacceptable events and reactions that may influence the quality and safety of tissues and cells in reporting serious unacceptable reactions and events that may affect the quality and safety of organs,

  • regularly inspecting and carrying out control measures.